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Because you'd like to lower your costs and still get health care you feel good about.

Doctors & Facilities

You have questions, we have answers

Can I keep my doctor?
The answer is yes. But, if your doctor isn't part of our network, you'll pay more for your visits. Why? Because the doctors, hospitals, labs and pharmacies in our network have agreed to provide their services at lower rates to our members. Learn how to use DocFind®
How do I choose a new one?
It's simple. Log on to Aetna Navigator and use the DocFind tool. DocFind lets you search for in-network doctors, dentists, eye care professionals, and more. Close to home or convenient to work, DocFind helps you find the care you need, from an in-network provider.
What if I need a specialist?
If your primary care doctor advises you to see a specialist, DocFind will help you find one that's in-network. And once you're there, having access to your Personal Health Record (PHR) on Aetna Navigator may give the specialist a better sense of how to best care for you.

Your medical records are updated by your doctor. But, your PHR is your health information that you update, for your own use. When you update your PHR, you can include information like the medicine you take, your medical history, test results and notes from previous doctor visits. Having this information stored electronically gives you quick access to your health information when you need it.
Why stay in-network?
You'll pay less when you choose a doctor, pharmacy, or other facility that's in-network, because they've agreed to provide their services at lower rates to our members. Find a Doctor

Pharmacies & Medications

You can save time and money when you manage your prescriptions on Aetna Navigator. Now that's almost as sweet as a spoonful of sugar!

Manage your prescriptions
  • Search any drug name to find out what it's used for, how you should take it, potential side effects, and more.
  • Save money by choosing medications from our Preferred Drug List.
  • Get lower prices at participating pharmacies.
  • Schedule auto-refills from your favorite pharmacy.
  • Find out more about money-saving generics and our "refill-by-mail" service.
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